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Lena's Farwell Tifton,  HELLO,  Las Vegas Party

February 1, 2006 at Bobby and Rhonda's river house.

Attending: Bobby and Rhonda (Robbins) Hobby, Dean and Carolyn (Eason) Hilliard, Jackie and Anita Jackson, Kano and Wanda Goff, Pat and Linda (Hill) Atwater, Ben and Kathy (Lunden) Patrick, Wayne and Sandra (Tucker) Matthews, Vickie (Blalock) Hester, Ellen Brightwell, Marx Ann (Wells) Myddelton, Joyce (Goff) Holden,

Lena's Class Send OFF

Anita Jackson, Ellen

Jackie, Vickie

Joyce, Ellen, Carolyn (back), Winkie (head), Marx Ann

Jackie, Pat, Dean, Kano

Wanda Goff, Linda Atwater

Carolyn, Ellen, Marx Ann, Winkie

Rhonda, Lena, Vickie, Kathy, Ben

(Seated) Lena, Kathy, Anita Jackson,xxxx, Joyce

(Standing) Ben, Linda Atwater, Wanda Goff, Jackie, Kano, Dean

Rhonda, Lena


Wanda & Kano Goff, Jackie, Pat, Dean

Linda Atwater, Wanda Goff, Jackie, Pat

Rhonda, Vickie, Ben, Lean, Kathy

Marx Ann



Lena wanted her cake and eat it too....

Vickie, Linda & Pat Atwater, Wayne & Sandra Matthews

Kano & Wanda Goff, Lena, Anita Jackson, Winkie, Kathy & Ben Patrick

Winkie, Kathy, Ben

Lena, Anita Jackson

Lena's fan for the dance line in Vegas

Would you girls join me in the dance line?

Joyce, Vickie, Sandra